About Us

Peaceful Gila Skies is a coalition of business owners, community leaders, sportsmen and concerned citizens, united in our opposition to the expansion of Holloman Air Force Base’s military training over the Gila region in Southwest New Mexico.  Home to the nation’s first Wilderness Area, the Gila’s 3.3 million acres of rivers, canyons and forests  draw visitors from all over the world to enjoy the peace and solitude of this wild place. Holloman Air Force Base’s proposed expansion of F-16 training over the Gila will impact the environment and wildlife and significantly degrade the rural character and quiet solitude of this unique area, impacting real estate values, outdoor recreation, tourism, and the local economy.

Our goal is to protect the Gila from these incursions for the perpetual use and enjoyment of all citizens of our country and visitors from throughout the world.