Community Opposition to Holloman Proposal

Grant and Catron counties were unaware of the Air Force’s proposal to expand its airspace over the Gila.  Because Holloman Air Force Base did not hold a public meeting in Silver City or notify local elected officials about its proposal, the local communities that would be impacted by this proposal were left out of the formal NEPA scoping process.

Once citizens found out about the proposal, the response was swift and loud in opposition to Holloman’s plans. Thanks to the public outcry and the efforts of local elected officials and conservation groups, the Air Force agreed to attend a public meeting hosted by the Grant County Commission on November 14, 2017.

More than 2,300 petition signatures and public comments in opposition to Holloman’s proposal were submitted to the Air Force at the public meeting.

More than 20 conservation and business groups signed on to scoping comments that identify the range of issues the Air Force should be addressing in its draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The Town of Silver City sent a letter to the Air Force in strong opposition to Holloman’s proposal.

State elected officials also voiced their opposition to the proposal.


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